Which Celebrity Goes With Which Thing? is one of the third rounds in Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Four pop stars (or models dressed as pop stars) line up behind four items. The teams then have to work out a common relationship between the four stars and the items before working out which star is associated with each item. Four points for a perfect match, one or two points for getting one or two right, and nothing for getting them all in the wrong order.

This round is also known as Prop Quiz.


Noel Fielding's team have Amy Winehouse, Slash, Paris Hilton and Sting. Their things are a bee hive, mountain lions, mice and ferrets. The common relationship was established as pets - Slash has a mountain lion, Amy Winehouse kept mice, Sting keeps bees and Paris Hilton has ferrets. Noel's team got Slash and Paris Hilton in the wrong order so they scored two points.

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