What's The Story, Morning Glory? is one of the opening rounds in Never Mind the Buzzcocks. The round debuted on the first episode of series 25. Each team is shown a video clip of an artist and given three props. They are then asked what is the story that connects them. One point for a correct answer.

This round is not to be confused with the similarly named round What's The Story?


The first time the game was played, Noel Fielding's team were shown a clip of Paul McCartney and given piles of cash, a waxwork head and a tramp. The correct answer is the story of a tramp who returned a missing waxwork head of Paul McCarney to Madame Tussauds after unknowingly using it as a pillow. The aformentioned homeless man was given a £2000 reward.

Origin of the nameEdit

The name of the round comes from the name of the 1995 Oasis album "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?"

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