The Mars Bar Round was one of the rounds played in the first series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Each team is shown a clip of an artist and three things related to a myth or legend associated with the artist. Two points are awarded for a correct answer. The host can offer it to the other team for a point if they don't get it right.


Sean Hughes' team were shown a clip of Pink Floyd, and asked which of these three items were linked to them - an afghan hound, a wok or a pig's testicles. The correct answer is the pig's testicles - when bassist Roger Waters left Pink Floyd he took with him (amongst other things) the rights to use their inflatable pig at live shows. The other band members got around legal issues by adding testicles to their new pig, making it an entirely different pig.

Origins of the Round NameEdit

The name from this round originates from an apocryphal story involving Mick Jagger, his then-girlfriend Marianne Faithfull and a Mars Bar.

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