Episode 204
Title Series 23, Episode 1
Air date 1 October 2009
Host James Corden
Phill's team Paloma Faith
Ben Miller
Noel's team Tom Clarke
Janeane Garofalo
Result Noel's team won
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The first episode of the twenty-third series was first broadcast on the 1 October 2009.


Team Guests Appearance №
Guest presenter James Corden 2nd
Phill's Team Paloma Faith 1st
Ben Miller 2nd
Noel's Team Tom Clarke 1st
Janeane Garofalo 1st


Sorry, No RefundsEdit

Phill's team
  • Why did Blue have to postpone their tour to Asia in 2002?
    • A. Lee Ryan injured himself go-karting. Tick
    • B. Antony Costa thought it would be funny to tell airport officials he was a terrorist. X
    • C. Duncan James broke his arm visiting a windmill. X

Noel's team
  • Why did Morrissey walk off stage during a Californian festival in 2009?
    • A. Someone in the crowd threw a bicycle at him. X
    • B. He though he could smell burning flesh. Tick
    • C. News reached him that there had been a fire at his newly purchased windmill. X

Intros RoundEdit

Phill's team Noel's team

Identity ParadeEdit

Phill's team – Tanya Boniface (The 411)
Name provided by presenter Correct person
1 Boniface Tick
2 Funny Face X
3 Not a Funny Face X
4 Clearly Shitfaced X
5 Face It Love X

Noel's team – Julian Phillips (Marion)
Name provided by presenter Correct person
1 Marion X
2 Marion To Money Tick
3 Marion His Sister X
4 Maid Marion X
5 Friar Tuck X

Next LinesEdit

Final scoreEdit

Noel's team defeated Phill's team 8 points to 6.

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