The panel of Never Mind the Buzzcocks consists of a presenter and two teams, each with a captain accompanied by an artist and another television personality as the guests.


This layout shows how the Buzzcocks panel is layed out. (Birds-eye view).

Team 1's Artist Guest Floor Team 2's Artist Guest
Team 1's Captain Team 2's Captain
Team 1's Other Guest Team 2's Other Guest
The Audience


For the first seventeen series Mark Lamarr presented the programme. After Lamarr left a seven different guest presenters hosted each episode of the eigthteenth series. The second regular presenter was Simon Amstell, who was one of the seven guest presenters of the eighteenth series, Amstell's tenure lasted from the ninteenth series to the twenty-second series. For the twenty-third series, twelve new guest presenters hosted each of the episodes.

Guest presentersEdit

Theses are the guests who presented the eighteenth series (after Lamarr left) and twenty-third series (after Amstell left).

Series 18

Series 23

Team CaptainsEdit

Team 1

Phill Jupitus has been captain of team 1 since the first series and has only missed one regular episode: series 25, episode 6. Comedian Frankie Boyle stood in as team captain on that occasion.

Team 2

Sean Hughes was the captain of team 2 for the first series to the tenth series. Hughes was succeeded by Bill Bailey who, like his predecessor, was the captain of team 2 for ten series, those being the eleventh to the twenty-first. Bailey missed three episodes of his final series as he was on tour, his replacement was future captain Noel Fielding. After Bailey left, twelve guests captained team 2 for the twenty-second series. After his three episodes on the twenty-first series, Noel Fielding became the captain of team 2 from the twenty-third series onwards.

Guest team captainsEdit

These are the twelve guests who were the team captains for the tewnty-second series.

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