Next Lines is the final round in Never Mind the Buzzcocks.


The host will read a line of song and one of the team members must quote the next line. Next lines is a quick-fire round and the teams are given a time limit which will cause the round to have a fast pace as the teams are trying to complete as many questions as possible.

The host is under no rules and is therefore able to, during the round, engage in conversation with one of the guests after one of the questions. Most of the guests will reply to the host but some complain that it's spoiling their chance of winning. Sometimes the host would deliberately lengthen or shorten the round, or award random points. For example, in Series 11 Episode 4, Mark Lamarr (a big fan of classic reggae music) awarded extra points to Jamaican reggae veteran Jimmy Cliff because he was... Jimmy Cliff!

Usually, the next lines can be from any part of a song, and may even just be a noise (or followed by a noise) such as "uh-huh", etc, but in Series 13 Episode 7 the round was played as opening lines only and renamed Opening Lines.

In one episode in Series 25 the guests had to guess missing words from Youtube comments (like the missing words round of HIGNFY).


The following is the very first 'Next Line' from Series 1 Episode 1

Mark: Giant steps are what you take...
Math Priest: ...walking on the moon.

Classic MomentsEdit

  • Occasionally, artists will get their own lyrics wrong. This has happened to all three of the girls from Steps when they appeared on the show.

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