The Intros Round is the second round on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.


The captain and guest closest to the host will attempt to copy 2 intros from a song as best as they can so the remaining team member can guess the song. To get a point the team member only needs to name the song, but most give the artists as well.


Here is the process of what happens in the Intros round:

  1. The host introduces the intros round.
  2. The host gives the two nearest panel members on one team a silver envelope containing the name of the two song intros they need to perform.
  3. The teams agree on how they will perform the intro.
  4. They perform the intro.
  5. The remaining team member gives their guess.
  6. If it's right the host will tell them and the real intro is played. If it's wrong the host will either pass it over to the other team or just say it's wrong and play the real intro.
  7. The process (between 2 and 6) is repeated for the rest of the intros.
  8. The host will make jokes about both the real artists.

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