Identity Parade is one of the third rounds in Never Mind the Buzzcocks.


The teams are given a line-up of a number of people (usually five) with one (Sometimes more than one) of them being a known musical artist and the team must pick out the member of the line-up that is the famous artist the host has named. The teams must use their own knowledge as they are given no clue or video whereas the studio audience and the viewing audience at home are shown the artist performing one their songs, however, if the person is a member of the band then the artist the audience is looking for will be highlighted. Once the team pick their person the host will say, Would the real [artist(s)] please step forward. Then the artist(s) would step forward, if the team guess correctly then they get a point and if they get it wrong then they get nothing. When the artist is revealed the host will say what they're currently doing and their name with the audience commencing a round of applause.

Identity Parade GuestsEdit

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There have been many guests who have taking part in an identity parade in the show's 13 year run.

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