Connections is one of the opening rounds on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Each team is shown two different artists, and are asked what possible tenuous link connects them. Two points are awarded for a correct answer, and one point if they are close.

This round was first played in Series 2 Episode 1 in 1997.


  • The first connection was between Def Leppard and The Wedding Present. Sean Hughes' team correctly guessed the connection - both bands have (or had) members missing a limb - Def Leppard's drummer Rick Allen lost his left arm in a road accident in 1984 and The Wedding Present were joined by one-legged bassist Darren Belk in 1994.
  • Chris Isaak and Terence Trent D'Arby - both were competitive boxers in their teenage years.
  • Lou Reed and Clive Dunn - the connection here is legendary bassist Herbie Flowers (he played the bass line on Walk On The Wild Side and co-wrote Grandad)
  • Bjork, Toyah and Sean Hughes - all three had problems with stalkers.
  • Marc Bolan and Bing Crosby - both died soon after recording duets for their television shows with David Bowie (Bowie appeared on Marc and duetted on guitar with Bolan; and of course sang Peace on Earth to counter Crosby's Little Drummer Boy on what was to be his last Christmas special)
  • Jay-Z and Frederic Chopin - the connection is vodka (Jay-Z bought the US rights for Armadale vodka and there is a Chopin vodka available too - both bottles were shown by Mark and consumed freely by the panellists throughout the recording)
  • Rick Astley and AC/DC - both artists' music were played outside the Vatican Embassy in Panama by the US Army to drive out ousted leader Manuel Noriega.

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