Biggie to Smalls is one of the third rounds on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Each team is shown four models representing various artists who come on to an appropriate song to the upcoming objective - to identify the artists represented by the models, and to arrange them in an order pre-determined by the host.

When they have finished arranging them, the host asks the models to put themselves in the correct order. If they all stay where they are the team is awarded the maximum four points. If two or three of them have to swap to get in the right order the team are awarded one or two points. If all of them have to re-arrange themselves into the correct order then the team is awarded no points.


Phill's team had models representing Emma Bunton, Keith Richards, Paris Hilton and David Bowie come out to the tune of "Money" by Pink Floyd, and had to arrange them in order of personal wealth at the time of recording - with the richest person to go on the left and so on. The correct order is therefore Keith Richards (£180 million), David Bowie (£120 million), Emma Bunton (£10 million) and Paris Hilton (£8 million). Phill's team got them all in the correct order.

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